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Pre-Launch Update - 17.05.2017
Hello R-K Nation, as promised before here are some updates as we approach launch date of Revkingdom.

1-We are going to give our members a bright smile at the start, At launch we are adding a bonus to some accounts of users that add balances. If you add a balance of $5 -$50 you will be awarded a 5% bonus to your account, and if you add $51-$100 you will be awarded a 10% bonus. After you have add your balance please send us a support ticket so we can award you, But hurry this will only last until the 21/May/2017 9pm est.

How to add balance? See the pdf links below
To add using Payeer click here
To add using Bitcoin click here
To add using Solid Trust Pay click here

2- After launch we’ll be having a referral contest, the date or prizes have not been set as, so you will be notified in later updates about that.

3-As in the last update the main focus now is to get RevKingdom  to the eyes and ears of the world as we make a twist in this industry for the better, and as a founding member you have the great advantage now as you promote before the masses. 

To stay update with us 
Join the official group here
And you can like the facebook page here 
If you have any question please see the FAQ section. If your answer is not there send us a Support ticket.
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RevKingdom-Advertising Made Simple

Exclusive offers for you - 04.05.2017
hello Revkingdom, 
we are accepting early registration during pre Launch members can aslo add funds and purchase the following services: login ads, ad credits for banner, text ads and business directory services. you can aslo get paid to clicks services during this period. upon official launch members will have access to our revenue sharing packages!!!

Official Launch Date!!!!! - 04.05.2017
We at RevKingdom are proud and super excited to announce our Official  launch is 19th May 2017 9pm EDT, we are currently in pre launch mode only 2 weeks away from this ground breaking event see hope to you there get your spots early.

login ads fixed - 20.04.2017
hello am please to say our login ads issues  was fixed thanks to the RK team.... have funs revkingdom nation 

The mother of ALL RevShare - 06.04.2017
YES guys its dawning on us we know its long awaited after months and months of testing and re coding the KINGDOM is near 

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